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Electrify your teams with paper-based processes

Scrum masters, coaches and process innovators are invited to experiment free with our cloud-to-print service.

Whether you are doing Big Room Planning, grooming a backlog, matching stories to metrics, or coming out of discovery and into implementation. Whenever you have large volumes of work to sort, filter or categorise it is best to do so on paper. 

Conciege printing makes those meetings run smoothly.

How teams save time with paper-based processes. 

New teams have the luxury of choosing when and how to write down their work-items. Mature teams with a digital backlog will usually be dealing a legacy of built-up tech-debt and obsolete feature requests. 

Other teams will be looking forward to a new batch of work queued up for them in JIRA ready for the next quarter. They should be looking to handle the deluge efficiently. 

Working out what to do with large volumes of work-items is easiest on paper. Digital work-databases have unlimited depth and unlimited breadth. In meetings, stakeholders are drawn into the minutiae and meetings drag on unproductively. 

Paper processes allow the level of abstraction to be decided ahead of key meetings. Reference numbers and QR-code links on the paper ensure the depth is available when needed. The result is a meeting that will always stay on track.

  • Sorting by priority helps teams deliver the right things at the right time 
  • Sorting by complexity helps to quickly size a backlog for forecasting without forcing developers to consider every tiny detail upfront 
  • Filtering your backlog will eliminate waste before it gets to delivery teams, ensuring teams are always working on the right features 
  • Categorising work ensures the right processes and principles are applied. Tech debt and bug-fixes can have their own route to production 
  • Grouping work by metric helps to prove work has value. Reverse impact-mapping can be developed into an impact-audit.

To see how your team works differently when work is transferred to paper, register to try our tool and do just that.

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We are now live!